For clients who wish to experience modifications and
instructions on the proper execution of exercises at a slower,
easy-to-follow pace. This is an appropriate class for those clients
who have a history of pain or injury but are currently pain-free, and
need to move with care and awareness. Slow does not mean easy! Expect
a workout, just with more time to organize and think through the
movements. Drop-ins are allowed.
Experience an invigorating yet precise pilates mat class with the addition of step barrels. These wonderfully versatile barrels, also know as "spine correctors," add challenge and diversity to the standard repertoire of mat-based exercises. Class is 55 min in length. The class runs in 6-week sessions; cost is $65 per 6-class session.
A mat class for clients of all levels of Pilates
experience, who are not experiencing pain or musculo-skeletal issues.
This class will utilize the mat and small props such as rings, balls
and wall springs, focusing on perfecting Pilates  technique while
challenging the strength and mobility of the entire body.  $11/class or 10/$98
Prepare for a life of adventure with this advanced conditioning class. Experience intense flexibility work, challenging functional strength training, and core training with this thoughtful, even-paced reformer class. 45 minutes.  $11/class.
Work hard, with a focus on alignment and proper body positioning, in this fusion of Pilates and TRX Suspension Training. Class is limited to 7 participants, and reservations are strongly suggested.
A circuit class incorporating TRX and Pilates mat work. A more advanced, faster-paced class which focuses on building strength and power.
Build healthy bones with this strength-promoting class. Exercises which maximize healthy, bone-density promoting load are included and those which may be unsafe for porous bone are eliminated. The goal of this class is to utilize the strength-building power of both Pilates and TRX Suspension training to provide critical weight-bearing exercise while not compromising the delicate vertebrae of clients with osteopenia and osteoporosis. $16/class or 10/$146.
A flowing reformer-based workout class for clients with no physical limitations who are in their first year of practice. Limited to 7 participants, reservations required. A private orientation is required before beginning class. $16/class or 10 classes for $146. 10 class punchcards expire 6 months after purchase date.
An advanced reformer workout consisting of both classical and modern Pilates exercises, in a non-stop flow. This class is appropriate for seasoned Pilates students who are looking for the most challenging small-group experience we offer.  Previous intermediate Pilates experience or permission from the
instructor is required before enrolling in class. Limited to 7
participants, reservations required. $16/class or 10/$146.
A challenging, circuit-style class utilizing the TRX and kettlebells. 45 minutes. 
A challenging, circuit-style class utilizing the TRX and kettlebells. 50 minutes, $16/class or 10 for $146